Strumica Diocese: News

Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Strumica ( 06.11.2005 )


Today, in the Strumica monastery of the Fifteen Holy Hieromartyrs of Tiberiopolis, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy. The present faithful at the Liturgy partook of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ.


“The Kingdom of God begins in us once our soul has come to know God as its Lord, and after He has moved in it. The beginning is set with the decision to serve God and offer Him as sacrifice our mind and freedom, i.e. what makes the spiritual essence of a man. God accepts this sacrifice and makes a new covenant with the man.





The man decides to abandon his distraction and to follow with self-denial the fear of God and his conscience. This decision is succeeded with the appearance of the Divine grace, which until then acted from the outside. Through the Holy Mysteries it moves in us, thus the man’s spirit (weak so far) is given new power. The conscience and freedom now act on his side and he starts a truly free, sensible and distinctive life before God.” (Saint Theophanes the Recluse)