Strumica Diocese: News

Strumica, Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy ( 08.11.2005 )



In the church of the Holy Great-martyr Demetrius and of the Venerable Gregory Palamas in Strumica, today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy. Most of the devout people at the Liturgy partook of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.


“Today the whole universe is illumined with the martyr’s rays and the Church of God all-adorned with flowers cries unto you, Demetrius: ‘You who have pleased Christ and are zealous champion, cease not praying for your servants.”









“With spears pierced in your side, for the sake of the Savior who was pierced on the cross, for with flaming love you have struggled toward Him, O passion-bearer Demetrius, proclaiming to all your invincible witness. Therefore did the enraged persecutor fall, tasting from your confession, O martyr of Christ.”