Strumica Diocese: News

In honor of the Holy Archangel Michael ( 21.11.2005 )

Today, on the day of the Holy Archangel Michael, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy in the chapel dedicated to Saints Gregory Palamas and Elder Joseph the Spilaioti in the monastery in Vodoča.

“When Satan, Lucifer, fell away from God and drew with himself to the abyss part of the angels, then Michael stood up and exclaimed before the faithful ones: let us attend! Let us stand upright, let us stand with awe and fear! And all heavenly hosts and angels chanted in a mighty voice: Holy, holy, holy, Lord of hosts; heaven and earth are full of Your glory!”


“Where your grace overshadows, Archangel, thence demonic power is cast out, for the fallen Morning Star bears not your light. Therefore we beseech you, with your intercession put out his fiery arrows directed towards us and save us from his snares, O praiseworthy Chief Captain Michael.” (Verses from Matins on the day of the Holy Archangel Michael)