Strumica Diocese: News

Star Dojran, Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy ( 19.12.2005 )

Today, on he feast of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, archbishop of Myra in Lycia, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy in the church of Saints Gregory Palamas and Maximus the Confessor in Star Dojran.


“A debt remains a debt, and an obligation—an obligation, be even ever greater the number of them who do not practice the Jesus prayer. All give the vow. Yet, neither the multitude of its breakers nor the custom it to be violated legalise this breach. Small is the flock our Heavenly Father wills to grant His Kingdom to. The narrow road has always had few travellers, and the broad one—many. In the last times the narrow road will be abandoned nearly by all, nearly everyone will take the broad way. Out of this does not arise a conclusion that the broad way will lose its characteristic of a road leading to one’s perdition and that the narrow one will become superfluous, needless for salvation. The one who wants to be saved must by all means stick to the narrow road, as it has been clearly handed down to us in our Saviour’s testament.” (Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov)