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Assembly of the Holy Archangel Gabriel ( 08.04.2006 )

Today, when the Church of God celebrates the Assembly of the holy Archangel Gabriel, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica performed Divine Liturgy in the chapel of Saints Gregory Palamas and Joseph the Spilaioti in the Vodoča monastery.





“The Birthgiver of God with Her own example and experience—with Her very Self—has given forever to the whole vene­rable monastic rank a model of a concentrated and attentive life of the inner man, so that monastics can—shunning the world, resembling Her—be fervent in the monastic feats and mind-and-heart prayer, everyone within his own abilities and strength, but also through the prayers of the Most Pure Virgin, so as to follow Her to the very end.” (A School of Hesychasm, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica)