Strumica Diocese: News

Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Vodoča ( 17.05.2006 )

Today, on the day of the Venerable Nicephorus the Hesychast, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy in the chapel of the monastery of St. Leontius in Vodoča.




“We must see all the faithful as one and think that Christ is in each one of them. We must have such love for everyone so that we are ready to sacrifice our life for the one. Therefore, we must not say or think that anyone is bad, but see everyone as good instead. And if we see that some of our brothers is troubled by passions, let us not hate him, but the passions that fight him. And if you see that he is overcome by desires and habits toward previous sins, feel for him all the more, so that you too do not happen to fall into temptation, since you are made of the material that easily turns from the good to the evil. Love toward your brother prepares you to love more God. Hence, the mystery of love for God is in the love for one’s brother. For, if you do not love your brother, whom you see, how can you possibly love God, Whom you do not see?” (Elder Porphyrios)