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Annunciation ( 07.04.2009 )

Vigil in the Monastery of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God

On the feast of Annunciation, in the chapel of Saint Gregory Palamas and Elder Joseph Spilaioti in the Monastery of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica performed all night vigil.


“The deed of new Adam assumes the deed of the new Eve, our Holy Theotokos, Who corrected the mistake of the first Eve. First Eve lead first Adam into disobedience. The new Eve, the Holy Mother of God, agrees with incarnation of the new Adam, Who has to direct the mankind into obedience to God.

Therefore, our Holy Mother, as first human person, Who received deification – indeed in an exclusive and unique way – performed, not simply the basic, but the most necessary and not replacing part in the deed of our salvation. If the Holy Mother didn’t devote her obedience, her freedom to God and if she didn’t say “Yes” to God (according to St. Nicolas Kabasila – the great theologian from the 14th century), God couldn’t have been incarnated, because He, Who gave the freedom to man couldn’t stay not obeying such freedom. God couldn’t have been incarnated if such a most pure venerable, most holy soul as Holy Mother, Who completely devoted Her freedom, Her will and Herself to attract God to Her and to us, as well.” (archimandrite George Kapsanis)