Strumica Diocese: News

Ten ambassadors-members of the French-speaking countries with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Antonio Miloshoski visiting monasteries in Vodocha and Veljusa ( 22.03.2010 )

On the occasion of marking the Francophone days, the ten ambassadors from the members of the French-speaking countries: the Ambassador of Austria Alois Kraut, the Ambassador of France Jean-Claude Schlumberger, the acting Ambassador of Bulgaria Angel Angelov, the Ambassador of Romania Adrian Constantinescu, the Ambassador of Hungary Ferenc Kékesj, the Ambassador of Slovenia Alain Bergant, the Ambassador of Czech Republic Jozef Braun, the Ambassador of Slovakia Igor Furdík, the Ambassador of Croatia Ivan Kujunđić, the Ambassador of Ukraine Yurij Honcharuk, together with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia Antonio Miloshoski visited the Monastery of the Holy Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God in Vodocha and the monastery of the Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God Eleusa in Veljusa where a lunch was organized for those who were present. Guests were received by the Metropolitan of Strumica, Mr. Naum and the Metropolitan for Europe, Mr. Pimen.