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Christ is born! ( 08.01.2005 )

In the chapel dedicated to the Venerable Gregory Palamas in the female monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa in Veljusa today in honour of the Nativity of Christ Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.














The Uncontainable, in Whose bosom rests all that is created, today, contained within a body, rests at His All-Holy Mother's bosom. Not through a change of place, since He is omnipresent, but through Divine condescension, for He alone is a Lover of mankind, He came to take and offer us to the Father - in fact, at first we to come to commune with Him personally, to love Him and come to know Him, and in Him our Heavenly Father as well. Remaining a perfect God, the Only-begotten Son of God unchangeably became a Perfect Man as well and identifying Himself in this way with each one of us, He loaded upon Himself our every sorrow, gloom, pain, suffering, loneliness, hopelessness and death.




His whole life among us, the earth-born, was a humble and ineffable suffering, whose dimensions will to us, created that we are, forever remain unsolvable. He came as a Godman, rendering us personal owners and partakers of the fruits of the salvific for us communion of the features of the Divine and Human natures in His Hypostasis.”

(Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica, Homily from Eleusa)