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Veljusa, Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy ( 07.02.2005 )


On the mount of virtues you  had mounted, from the lower migrating, and receding from dead deeds, coils from the God’s hand you received, dogmas of your pure divinity, you, guide through mysteries in the Divine secrets, Gregory!

(festive morning stichera)




Today in honor of Saint Gregory the Theologian in the chapel of the Venerable Gregory Palamas in the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos in Veljusa, Divine Liturgy celebrated Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica.

“The holy Fathers distinguish between external and internal stillness. External stillness is liberation of the sense and the body from sights, and particularly from the bondage which the world imposes, while inner stillness is liberation of the heart from images, fantasies and worries. Hesychia of the body is usually the hesychastic position and the person’s attempt to limit as far as possible external representations, the images which our sensation receive and offer to the soul. Hesychia of the soul implies that the nous is able not to accept any temptations to stray. In this way man’s nous escapes from the outer world and enters heart, which is where it really belongs. Thus a person acquires peace in his heart, and there God Himself is revealed.” (Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)