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Divine Liturgy in Star Dojran ( 24.02.2005 )


In the church of Saint Maximus the Confessor in the monastery complex of Saint Parthenius of Zographou in Star Dojran today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.


“To them who firmly struggle in the Lord, the Lord does never allow to collapse completely, but seeing them exhausted, He collaborates and helps them, lending from above the hand of His strength and raising them toward Him. And He collaborates with them at times openly, yet sometimes secretly, perceptibly and imperceptibly, all until they, after having ascended the whole ladder, draw near Him and all until they wholly unite with the Whole One, forgetting all earthly and co-dwelling with Him, and tasting the inexpressible goods.” (Counsels practical and theological – Saint Symeon the New Theologian)