Strumica Diocese: News

Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy ( 19.03.2005 )

In the cathedral of the Holy Great-martyr Leontius in Vodoča today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy. The present faithful at the Liturgy partook of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.


“Fasting strengthens prayer. It becomes the latter’s wing on the way to the heavens (…) Still, do not limit the virtue of fasting only to food. True fasting is not merely abstinence from various kinds of food, it is renunciation of passions and of sins: to wrong no one. To forgive your fellowman the injustice he has done to you, the evil done to you, the debt he owes you. Otherwise, you do not eat meat, yet you are eating your brother. You do not drink, yet you are abasing another man. (…) Let him who desires to fast truly, avoid every passion.” (Saint Basil the Great)