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Veljusa, the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa ( 13.04.2005 )



The light trembled and obeyed when He called. He sent it out, and it appeared. He called the stars, and they promptly answered, "Here we are!"; they took their places and gladly shone to please the One Who made them... (cf. Baruch 3:33-34).




Rise up and stand and behold the number of them who are dressed for the Lord’s supper; after their departure from this age, they received from the Lord bright clothes (3 Ezra 2:38-29)










Standing in the middle of this crowd was a very tall young man, taller than any of the others. He was placing a crown on the head of each person, but he towered above them all. I was spellbound by the sight, and I asked the angel, “Who are these people, sir?”

            He replied, “These are people who have taken off their mortal robes and have put on immortal ones. They confess the name of God, and now they are being given crowns and palm branches as symbols of their victory.”

            Then I asked the angel, “Who is the young man who is putting the crowns on their heads and giving them the palms?”







 “He is the Son of God,” the angel replied, “and all these people praised Him in this life.” Then I began to praise those who had stood for the name of the Lord so bravely. And the angel said to me, “Go and tell my people what you have seen, the many marvellous wonders of the Lord.” (cf. 3 Ezra 2:43-48)