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Star Dojran, Hierarchs Divine Liturgy ( 16.04.2005 )




In the church of the Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas in the female monastery of Saint Mary Magdalene in Star Dojran today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.














“I have seen how monks who had shown as a star in obedience and who in proportion to their strength had never ceased thinking of God became masters of their mind and were shedding a real river of tears as soon as they started praying. Venerable obedience had rendered them able to that.”  


“If you ceaselessly call for help the King whenever enemies draw near you, stay calm and you will not have much trouble: themselves they will immediately depart from you. For the unclean spirits do not wish to see you gaining with the prayer a victorious wreath for your struggle with them. Besides, they will have to flee, since prayer burns them as fire. Be brave always, and God Himself will teach you how to pray.” (Saint John of the Ladder)