Strumica Diocese: News

From the worship services on the Great and Holy Thursday ( 28.04.2005 )





“With thorns God is being crowned, Who adorns the whole earth with flowers, and is receiving wounds, scorns in patience bearing. He is wearing a purple robe, being mocked… enduring all, although God, with His flesh suffering.”


In the Strumica church of Saints Methodius and Cyril, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica performed this evening a Vigil with the twelve Passionate Gospel readings. His Eminence addressed the faithful present at the Vigil in the Strumica cathedral with a spiritual homily.


“You, my Creator, were beaten and gave Yourself in to be crucified for me, and having completed my salvation on earth, to give life to the world and with Your precious blood to make immortal them who worship You.”

(stichera at the Small Compline)