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Lamentation of Christ ( 29.04.2005 )






God, I became fond of the path of truth and forgot not Your commandments…


“He that once the abyss did shut now is seen dead and in myrrh and sheet wrapped; the Immortal as a mortal in a tomb is lain, and the women, bitterly weeping, with myrrh came, saying: ‘Most blessed is this Saturday, for on it Christ Who fell asleep, will rise

after three days’.”







This evening in Strumica, in the church of Saints Methodius and Cyril, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica performed the Matins on the Lamentation of Christ. A choir of the town children sang, who by the years old tradition have been preparing themselves for this service.


“Come let us behold our Life, Who lies in a tomb to make alive them in the tombs lain. Come today let us behold the lion of Judas asleep, and as a prophecy to Him let us sing; ‘Who will raise You, King, Who as a lion are lying asleep? Rise of Your own will, Lord, Who gave Yourself for us voluntarily – glory to You!”