Strumica Diocese: News

Great and Holy Saturday in Veljusa ( 30.04.2005 )

In the Veljusa monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica performed Vespers with the Liturgy of Saint Basil.









“The sweetest Lord multiplies in us the flame and it, as if a hot red furnace, imbues the whole man’s heart, with the flaming Divine love it incites him towards unrestrained fervour in the fulfillment of His commandments and towards great abhorrence to sin and the passions. Then with unreserved zeal he goes and gives away everything that he himself also needs, all he has, a lot or a little, for he has become fond of poverty and has his share with them who thirst after Jesus. The more he keeps the commandments of Christ, the more will the net of  the Divine calling be spread before him, and so like a fish, caught on the hook of grace, where the bait is the love of the one crucified, having no strength to bear the waves of the sea of Christ in his heart, like a dear he runs towards the blinding power of the holy Divine love, pursuing the source from where the waters of grace pour out.” (Elder Joseph Spilaioti, A Spirit-moved Trumpet)