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CHRIST IS RISEN! ( 30.04.2005 )




Christ is risen!


Before midnight in Strumica, in the cathedral, dedicated to the Holy Equal-to-the-apostles all-Slavic enlighteners Methodius and Cyril, at the Midnight service procession on Christ’s Resurrection, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica distributed light to the numberless faithful, greeting all with the brightest words given to mankind ‘Christ is risen!’. His Eminence celebrated the Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy on Resurrection in the cathedral of St Leontius’ monastery in Vodoča. This night the churches were overcrowded with a multitude of people to the glory of the Resurrection of Christ.









“The Church leaves the believer free to feel Christ dwelling within him; free to live in fear on the sea of the present age; free to be crushed by his responsibility; free to cry out to the Lord, ‘Master, we perish,’ and to see Him in the night of the present age, walking on the waters for him personally and for the whole Church; and free to hear the Lord say to him, ‘It is I.’





Then the believer is filled with joy. He is flooded with the exultation of the Church, the new exultation which cannot be taken from it. This is the life and consolation which pours forth unceasingly from the presence of the risen Christ, which ‘extends and stretches’ the human soul ‘to a boundless and immeasurable extent’ (St Macarius of Egypt). It is a mysterious presence of God made man, which surpasses firm administration, world conquest or history. It is a certainty for man, given by God. It is an expansion of our being to His dimensions, a process whereby what is mortal is swallowed up in life.” (Fr Vasileios Gondikakis)