Strumica Diocese: News

Christ’s Resurrection ( 03.05.2005 )


In the monastery of Saints Clement and Nahum of Ohrid in Hamzali, to the glory of Christ’s Resurrection, today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy with his hieromonks.





“Through the Holy Mysteries, as through mirrors, enters into this dark world the Sun of justice. It mortifies the life of the world itself, and raises Him Who is beyond the world – ‘I have conquered the world’ – bringing in the mortal and transient human body everlasting and immortal life… Our Lord took not only the body but also the soul, mind and will, all that human nature possesses, in order to unite with our whole being, to permeate it entirely, connecting completely what is His with what is ours. He shares with men all but sin. () In this lie the power and grace of the Holy Mystery of Communion in the souls of those who approach this Holy Mystery with a pure heart, keeping themselves away from every evil. There is nothing that would hinder Christ to unite intimately with the ones who are ready and who want that… That is the magnificent mystical marriage in which the Divine Bridegroom unites with His Church as with His virgin bride” (Saint Nicholas Cabasilas)