Strumica Diocese: News

Bansko ( 04.05.2005 )







Today the monastic brotherhood in the Bansko monastery of the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste worshiped Christ’s Resurrection with Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy. In the church dedicated to the Venerable Parasceva and to the Holy Martyr Parasceva (the Roman) Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica offered the Divine Eucharist with his hieromonks.








“Communicating of the Divine and god-creating Gifts I no longer am alone, but with You, my Christ. With the three-sun Light Which enlightens the world… And placing hope in Your abundant benefactions toward us, rejoicing and at the same time trembling, I partake of fire, I who am grass. And, O strange wonder! In an ineffable way I am bedewed, as once the burning bush that burned unburnt…
















The whole body, pure and deified, is aflame with the fire of Your Deity, ineffably united with It. You, O Lord, have granted this corruptible shrine, my human body, to be united with Your Holy Body, my blood to mix with Yours, from now on I am transparent and translucent part of Your Body…”

(Saint Symeon the New Theologian)