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CHRIST IS RISEN! Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Novo Selo ( 06.05.2005 )


In You, O Lord, Who Are the Same in all the creation, we, the sinners, take our refuge, Yourself living in the heavens, You conquered death in the hades, in the sea depths—Your hand, Master, is as well. In You we seek shelter, You we implore in repentance, Who rose from the dead, have mercy on us.”


In the monastery of Saint Anthony the Great in Novo Selo, in the church which is still under construction, and is dedicated to the Holy Great-martyr George and Saint Anthony, to the glory of Christ’s Resurrection, of the Most Holy Theotokos and of the God-bearing martyr George the Victor, the Divine Liturgy today was celebrated by Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica.












“A fount of healing pours forth from You, O Virgin, to them who in faith ceaselessly draw near Your Spring, O Divine Bride, generously You pour out to the suffering cure, lavishly, in abundance: thus the blind who approach You see clear, the lame—straight up, the weak are fortified, the dead You vivify with a three-fold pour out, and heal them by passions overpowered and malicious.” 


















“The heavenly fire that permeates the life of the Church and its Mysteries for centuries through the Gospel has sustained the faith, which is not from a man… but from the revelation of Jesus Christ (Gal. 1:11-12).” (Elder Sophrony)







“Heavenly manna and Divine source of paradise, they name You heartfelt, O Mother of God: from Your spring earthward a course runs forth, grace covering it from four sides ceaselessly with miracles most wondrous, thus to all who seek it, it becomes drinking water. With You rejoicing, calling ourselves Christ’s, in You we seek shelter, sweet-running holiness as we constantly gather.”