Strumica Diocese: News

Thomas Sunday ( 08.05.2005 )

In the Strumica church of Saints Methodius and Cyril, today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy, at which he ordained into priesthood the deacon Georgiy Gocevski.




















“Divine Light never declines as the sunlight, but always and everywhere it encompasses all created; still, despite this, I am encircled by darkness from all sides and deprived of this Light that created me. Who would not mourn and grieve over me, and who would not shed tears for me?! For God is everywhere and in everything and is all-Light in which there is no trace of a shadow even or of night being close, nor any drift of dim darkness, but towards all created It stretches out and shines upon it unreachably, showing Itself reachable only to the worthy.
















O, with Your Mercy find abode close to my wretched soul, God, Creator of all, Giver of well-being, grant true knowledge to me, so that in good sense I abide by Your Eternal and unique Goods! And with my whole soul I will seek Your Glory, thinking no longer about the human and earth-given one, so that I am united with You both now and after the end, O Christ, Who rules because of me, and suffered dishonourable Death, and accomplished the Dispensation… I, for my part, will then be the most glorious of all mortal. (Saint Symeon the New Theologian)