Strumica Diocese: News

Wedding ( 08.05.2005 )


This evening, in the church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos in the village of Veljusa, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica united into holy matrimony the servants of God Aleksandar and Katerina.








“With us people it is the same as with the birds: having nurtured them, their mother takes them out of their nest; and if she notices that they are weak, that they fall and need to stay still inside, she keeps them for some more days. Yet she does not leave them here forever, but until their wings have become stronger and they have gathered strength to fly safely. Us people the Lord had drawn from the primeval times towards the heavens and had shown us the road leading upward. He knew perfectly well we are incapable of this flight, still he wanted to show us our fall does not happen by His will, but due to our weakness. When He showed us this, He left us for a long time to be brought up in the world and in the marriage as in some nest. However, when after some time we grew the wings of virtue, Himself coming He began little by little to lead us out of our sojourn here, teaching us to aspire upwards. So, while some, remaining negligent and fast asleep continue dwelling in their nest, being fond of the world; others, truly noble and lovers of light, with great easiness leave their nest and lifting themselves upwards, reach the heaven.” (Saint John Chrysostom)