Strumica Diocese: News

Nerezi ( 11.05.2005 )

In the monastery of the Holy Great-martyr Panteleimon in Nerezi, today Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.




“I mourn and am contrite, when the Light illumines me, and I see my misery, come to know where I am and in what kind of a world, mortal, and I go on, since a mortal, with my soul and body delighting and rejoicing for I realise what is the place that God granted me, with what glory, and I perceive the Angel of God within me, with garments immaterial all adorned.”

























“This joy flames up within me the Yearning for the Gift-giver, for God Who transforms me, and out of this Yearning a river of tears gushes forth and in them I become enlightened ever more. Listen you, who sin to God as I do, hasten and steadfastly pursue deeds, to receive the Matter of the Immaterial Fire, and keep it firmly (…) and with it light the noetic* (*of the mind) lamp of the soul—as to become suns that shine forth in the earthly world even when invisible for its inhabitants, as to become gods, who bear inside them the fullness of the Glory of God…” (Saint Symeon the New Theologian)