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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy ( 12.05.2005 )













Yesterday in Mark’s (Markov) monastery, in the church of the Holy Great-martyr Demetrius, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.











An elder used to say:

            “It is not recommendable for us to burden the work of prayerful stillness with cares about something else. Let every deed be at the place that belongs to it, so that we do not mix the two modes of life. For, he who cares about many is a slave to many; whereas, he who has left everything and struggles to adorn his soul—he is a friend of God. Have a look and see that in the world, too, many give alms and treat their fellowmen with love, catering for their physical needs. Strugglers in the full and marvelous stillness, though, dedicated to God, there are few and are difficult to find. Who among them in the world that give alms could reach at least one of the gifts God bestows on them who practice prayerful stillness?”



He would also say:


   “If you are a layperson, then practice a struggle appropriate for the world. However, if you are a monastic, then attain your glory with deeds that befit monastics. If, though, you want to pursue both of these, you will lose them.” (Saint Isaac the Syrian)

















a chapel dedicated to the Holy Apostle Mark