Strumica Diocese: News

Baptism in Veljusa ( 15.05.2005 )

This evening in the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa, the servant of God Diana received Holy Baptism. The Baptism was performed by Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica.










“Here, in this fleeting world, our road to eternity is decided upon. And only here, in the favourable air of the Church, we can breathe in the grace of God and be sanctified with the Holy Communion. ‘How shall we avoid death if we neglect such salvation?’ …

You draw me toward You, Christ, and transform me with the feeling of Divine Love… How can the taste of the transient replace the ineffable sweetness of the Holy Communion? And what relation is stronger than the blood relationship?’ … Through Christ we enter into a blood relationship with God … This most sacred Blood, which unites man with God, also unites through Him all people mutually.” (Elder Ephraim of Philotheou)