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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Star Dojran ( 29.05.2005 )







Today, on the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, in the church of Saints Gregory Palamas and Maximus the Confessor in Star Dojran, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.








“Truth is the feeling about God, which man tastes within himself with the perception of his spiritual mind’s sense. Love is the fruit of prayer and with its contemplation it raises the mind toward an insatiable desire for it (the prayer), when the mind without despondency dwells in prayer and man with his mind, in silent thoughts alone, prays fervently and with zeal. Prayer is mortification of lustful thoughts of bodily life, because he who prays heartfelt is the same as the one who dies to the world. Patient dwelling in prayer for a man means he to renounce himself. Therefore in the self-denial of the soul, the love of God is acquired.” (Saint Isaac the Syrian)