Strumica Diocese: News

Baptism ( 12.06.2005 )

Today, in the monastery of Saint Leonthius in Vodoča, Holy Baptism received the child of God David. The Holy Mystery was performed by Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica.

“The Godman Christ with His Divine Dispensation made us partakers of His uncreated grace (energy), which we receive in the Church as a pledge and fullness at the Holy Mystery of Baptism. It is that same grace which makes of us ‘a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation’. Certainly, only if ascetically and consciously we participate in the liturgical time and space at the Holy Mystery of Eucharist as communicants of the Body and Blood of Christ. Saint Gregory Palamas says that in these two Holy Mysteries—Baptism and Eucharist (Divine Liturgy) — consists our whole salvation, since in them is the fullness of the Theanthropic Dispensation.” (from foreword of the book of Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica - “School for Hesychasm, Book 1”)