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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Veljusa ( 09.08.2005 )




Today, on the feast of Saint Clement of Ohrid, the Holy Seven and the Holy Greatmartyr Panteleimon, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Eleusa in Veljusa.



















“Obedience will bring forth all the gifts. Obedience will bring forth the grace of God. Even the slightest disobedience toward the Elder drives away divine grace. All the passions are gradually healed by means of obedience. Neither the priestly rank saves one, nor fasting, not even one’s struggle. Obedience alone saves. Obedience works miracles. Obedience is humility. Because of obedience God grants man the gift of prayer. Prayer is consequence of obedience. When you are in obedience you will also find prayer, you will find theology as well. When you do not have obedience, you will find nothing. Even if you had something, you will lose that, too. Obedience is a fountain of prayer. And prayer is a fountain of grace, of the gift of tears, of divine illumination, of warm and divine zeal.” (Elder Ephraim the Katounakiate)