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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Veljusa ( 21.08.2005 )

On the day of the Venerable Gregory the Sinaite and the holy Martyrs Triandaphyllos and Anastasius (Spaso of Radoviš), in the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos in Veljusa, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica celebrated Divine Liturgy.





















“Often did I behold the Light; it sometimes appeared within me when my soul had peace and tranquility, or it showed itself merely from a distance, and at times it was completely hidden. Then I felt deep sorrow, thinking I would never see it again. Yet, as soon as I started shedding tears, as soon as I had completely freed myself from everything, had shown absolute humility and obedience, the light appeared once more, like the sun that disperses the thickness of the clouds and little by little shows itself, engendering joy.” (Saint Symeon the New Theologian)