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Regular liturgical life for the spiritual children of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Paris ( 14.04.2006 )

For nearly four years, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for the needs of its church community worship in Paris had used the Russian cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky, and this only on Saturdays. The site informs that this church community in Paris, whose patron saint is the Holy Patriarch Euthymius of Trnovo, has recently been given the permission to use for the same purpose the church of the Four Evangelists in the 18th quart. This opens the opportunity for a regular common liturgical life and catechesis for the Orthodox Bulgarians from Paris and the surrounding area. The Orthodox eucharistic life in the 18th quart church, organized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is to start from the feast of the Entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), on 16 April 2006, at 10 am, with the Divine Liturgy celebrated by the hieromonk Emilian.