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Mount Athos ( 06.05.2006 )

With an all-night vigil performed by four Episcopes, the Bulgarian Athonite monastery of Saint George marked its church feast. Three Episcopes of the Georgian Orthodox Church concelebrated with Metropolitan Gabriel of Loveč - the chief celebrant on behalf of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. At the vigil, there where over 350 pilgrims from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Georgia, Greece, Romania, and other countries. During the Holy Liturgy, Metropolitan Gabriel ordained the hierodeacon Poemen a hieromonk. Afterwards, in a procession, one of the wonderworking icons of Saint George was taken out for the faithful to venerate it. Monks of the other Athonite monasteries and students of the Plovdiv Theological Seminary chanted at the services. Among the present at the festivities in the Zographou monastery were state officials of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian church delegation, headed by Metropolitan Gabriel of Loveč, brought on Mount Athos a particle of the relics of Saint John the Wonderworker of Rila, which is to be enshrined in a chapel dedicated to this Saint.



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