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The IV All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia opens in San Francisco ( 06.05.2006 )

“May the Lord give us one Cup not only for the flock but also for the shepherds of the whole Russian Church”, said Metropolitan Laurus of New York and East America on the upcoming IV All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). The Council opens on May 6-14 of this year in the city of San Francisco and is to settle the issue about the union with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Participating at the Council will be around 150 delegates from the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, West and East European countries, and also from Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union.

The First Hierarch of the Moscow Patriarchate, Patriarch Alexis II of Moscow and All Russia likewise expressed his optimism about the establishment of normal relations between the Churches in Russia and abroad. “These relations are to be regulated according to the Canonical Unity Act,” Patriarch Alexis stated. This Act provides that “the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is independent in its pastoral, administrative, and enlightening work, as well as in the management of its property and in its relations with the laity.”

To solve the problems that were obstacles to the establishment of a eucharistic unity, special dialogue Commissions were appointed, which have organized six joint meetings so far. The Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Synod of ROCOR have ratified their resolutions.

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