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Athonite monks call the participants of the All-Diaspora Council “to overcome the division that opposes God’s justice” ( 10.05.2006 )

Тhe highest administrative organ on Mt. Athos has sent a letter to Metropolitan Laurus and the delegates of the All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). On its behalf, the letter was signed by archimandrite Jeremiah, the hegoumen of the Russian monastery of Saint Panteleimon. “It is grievous truth that the Athonite monasteries do not have a eucharistic communion with the ROCOR”, says in the epistle. Therefore the Athonite monks hope that “now that even the worldly reasons for the split have become past” the faithful of the Russian Church Abroad “will be given a canonical status within the Russian Local Church” and will at last be able “to become partakers of the one Cup of Christ”.

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