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October – a blessed month for the Romanians ( 12.10.2006 )

For the Romanian Orthodox Church the month of October is blessed by the great fests. Orthodox Romanians in the course of this month celebrate four great fests. On St. Parasceva’s day, 14 October, the hundreds of faithful, which are expected to come, will have the opportunity to venerate the relics of this saint and of St. Nectarius of Aegina (a twentieth century saint). 21 October, the day of the holy Transylvanians - St. Bessarion, St. Oprea, St. John, and St. Moses the Martyr, will be marked both liturgically and with a symposium on the subject The Alba Julia Archbishopric as the Orthodox Spiritual Center of Transylvania. For the day of St. Demetrius the Myrrh-flowing, the patron of the city of Kraiova, on 26 October, there will be processions along the city streets with the relics of St. Niphon, St. Sergius, St. Bacchus, and St. Tatiana, and their veneration in the metropolitan cathedral. The patron of Bucharest, St. Demetrius of Bessarabia, is celebrated on 27 October. For 230 years now the saint’s relics have been enshrined in a silver reliquary in the patriarchal cathedral in Bucharest, where thousands of faithful come for veneration on his feast.