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Archbishop Christodoulos Got Discharged ( 20.07.2007 )

Archbishop Christodoulos got discharged from Areteio Hospital today after 41 days of hospitalization. It was obvious that he had lost weight. Being touched by peoples’ support the archbishop stated that he embraces all Christians with love. He also expressed his gratitude for peoples’ prayers. "I’m here", "I’m standing on my feet", "I’m your Christodoulos", he said. The second stage of his treatment is starting now. The Archbishop expressed the certainty that everyone will support him in his new ordeal and that everything is going to be alright. He also thanked all people working in Areteio Hospital. Thomas Synodinos, his Bishops, the Metropolitan Bishop Brestenis Theoklitos, the president of the non-governmental organization "Solidarity"(Allilegii), Dimitris Fourlemazis and his communication consultant Sotiris Tzoumas accompanied the archbishop to his residence in Psychiko where he is expected to stay until his departure in Miami on 15th of August.