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Alexy II: Do Not Hide Faith in Museums or Church Yards ( 01.03.2008 )

The Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, Alexy II called upon Orthodox believers to confess their faith daily and in every situation instead of being "Sunday Christians."

"Throughout the history of the Church, Christians through their words, acts, behavior in society have demonstrated that belief can not be separated from life," stated the Patriarch in his article published in a special edition of the almanac "European View," which is issued by the Center for European Studies.

According to Alexy II, "if a human being really believes in Christ, he or she obeys His commandments everywhere – at work, at home, in public"

"If a person turns into a “Sunday Christian” or a run-of-the-mill non-believer” she or he is bound to move away from God, away from the real purpose of life, that is, away from genuine peace and joy. If society hides faith in museums or church yards, living on the whole as if there is no God, then it is doomed,"  concluded the Patriarch.