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Before the New Russian Patriarch election, the Church is united, claimed Metropolitan Clement ( 15.01.2009 )

The Bishop of Moscow Patriarchаte, Metropolitan Clement, called not to provoke ideological disagreements inside the Church before the General Assembly and to reserved behaviour regarding any speculation who should be the nominated and elected as next Russian Patriarch.

When different opinions are arising, it’s unfaithful”, said the Bishop last Thursday, on the presentation of his book “Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska till 1917”.

According to him, the most important is to keep the Church’s unity and peace, without any divisions, not only from outside but inside too, before the General Assembly, which is to be held between 27th and 29th of January.

“Unfortunately, external sources try to inject some separations recently, projecting the world pre-election campaign inside the Church. There is no such behaviour in the Church, we do not have fractions, parties or division on groups” – noticed Metropolitan Clement.

He explained that the Church is united, all its children are united and the theological core is also united.

Metropolitan Clement advised the ones who underline the assumptions regarding the nominees to the Patriarchal Throne “to have more Christian responsibility.” “If they declare themselves as Christians, and claim that they have some relation to the Church, then they are obliged to act in accordance to the Holy Gospel” – said the Metropolitan.

Stating his relation to the fact that people from various professions, such as businessmen, politicians, as the mayor of the Omsk area i.e, will be delegates of the General Assembly Metropolitan Clement said: “If the Eparchy Assembly is taking place in accordance to the well known, established norms, and for this or that candidate people give their vote, then there’s nothing more to say. If people have confidence in him, then let him come” – added the Metropolitan.


Source: Interax-religion