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A School in Byzantium Chanting Founding at St. Tikhon's Orthodox University in Russia ( 18.01.2009 )

A School in Byzantium Chanting is to be open at the department for preparing the admission to the Tikhon's Orthodox Humanitarian University.


The aim of the lessons is a practical training of the Byzantium tradition of chant. The lessons are performed in Russian, while the chanting goes in Church-Slavonic language.


In order of achievement the basic theoretical knowledge and the art of chanting, it was planned that one year-course should be maintained. The full course, which is planned for preparation of proto-psalt is consisted from three school years. The lessons are taught by a teacher who has finished the course of Byzantium Church music, in the class of the Greek proto-psalt Konstantin Photopulos. Training goes in particular male and female groups, two times a week in two lessons.