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Russia: A Weekly School of Theology opened at Sverdlovsk area female prison ( 21.01.2009 )

A weekly School of Theology has been opened in the female prison, near the church which was dedicated to Saint Anastasia the Great Martyr.

“Since the school has been opened, it is obvious that the women from the prison became better, more pleasant, having a determined aim in front. Neither one is missing the lessons, all of them show a lot of responsibility not only at their school duties, but in every service in our church, as well…” 


All that come at the prison church, not only make their full efforts in fulfilling the commands, but also are very kind talking among them, they do not scold, knowing the meaning of the word “blasphemy”. They are fully aware that this word includes all bad words directed to God, and to people, too.” – stated one of the protégés, L. Gamirova.