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Washington DC: The Head of the American Orthodox took presence in the march for Protection of Life ( 24.01.2009 )

On the day of January 22nd, the Metropolitan of all America and Canada, Jonah, took presence in the march for Protection of Life, together with hundreds of members of the movement “Orthodox Christians for Life.” This marsh  happens every year, it was a 36 metres long row, and is the non-violent protesting march against the Law of USA, which legalises the sin of abortion. More than two hundred thousand people were marching in Washington DC.  


Before the march at the Capitol Hill Arbour, Metropolitan Jonah spoke to the participants accenting the necessity of a new revision of the human spiritual values, in his speech. He called the present people to walk on the road of creative Christian love, helping people to comprehend the seriousness of the sin of abortion, and mentioning the possibility of repentance of the sin that has been done.    


Metropolitan Jonah introduced the other participants of the march: the Archbishop Nicholas (from the Romanian Orthodox archdiocese in America and Canada), Philadelphia and East-Pennsylvanian Bishop and Superior of the cathedral of Holy Martyr Ekaterina in Moscow, Tikhon (American Orthodox Church), and the representative of the Orthodox Church in America from the Moscow Patriarchate, Zacchaeus. 


At the end of the march, Metropolitan Jonah serviced a litany for the victims of the abortion. He thanked all the people for their taking presence in the march, and their active position concerning this matter, accenting the great organisational efforts of Archpriest John Kowalchuk, clergyman of the Orthodox Church of America, thanks to whom, the members of the movement “Orthodox Christians for Life” gathered for this manifestation again.


The Head of the Orthodox Church of America called the participants to work together and won more and more Orthodox Christians for the march, hoping that they will be several times more next year. 






Source: Патриархиа.ру