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The Patriarch of Constantinople visited his place of birth ( 26.01.2009 )

From 15th to 19th of January, the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew has visited his place of birth, which is on the isle of Imvros in Turkey. He served Evening vespers on the day of 16th January in the church of Saint Anthony the Great (new calendar). The next day he celebrated Divine Liturgy in the church of Saint Gregory in his village, and in the evening he celebrated Evening vespers in the chapel of Saint Anastasia.      

On January 18th, on the occasion of the feastday of Saint Cyril from Alexandria and Saint Athanasius the Great (new calendar), the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew celebrated the Divine Liturgy, together with the authorised Bishop Cyril, who celebrated his nameday, at the cathedral of the Assumption of Holy Mother of God. At the evening of January 18th, the Patriarch of Constantinople has visited several churches on the isle of Imvros.