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One year Memorial of the death of the Greek Archbishop Hristodulos ( 29.01.2009 )

On January 28th, exactly one year ago, the Archbishop of Athens Hristodulos passed away. The Archbishop of Athens Hieronimos served a Commemorative ceremony on the grave of His Beatitude Hristodulos yesterday, in presence of many priests of Athens Archbishopric and vast of faithful people. In his speech, Archbishop Hieronimos said that it looked lake only one day passed since his predecessor Hristodulos died. His deed in benefit of the Greek Church left deep trails in the Greek society. In the week to come, a Commemorative ceremony (Panihida), will be served, in memory of Archbishop Hristodulos, in the Athens cathedral of Holy Annunciation.      


The cathedral will be closed after that, due to the pending reconstruction of the damages of the 1999 earthquake. Therefore, the function to act as cathedral will be given to the church of Saint Dionysius in the Athens quart of Kolonaki. A Memorial Prayer – Panihida for the departed Archbishop Hristodulos were held in many other cities in Greece, as well.


Source: Romfea