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The Elected Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia celebrated Prayer Service in front of Saint Tikhon’s relics in Donski Monastery ( 31.01.2009 )

At the day of January 31st, the Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarch Throne, Cyril, elected by the General Assembly of the Russian Orthodox Church, visited the Donski Monastery where the relics of Saint Tikhon, Patriarch of all Russia are kept.

Archimandrite Agathadorus (Markevich) accompanied by spiritual brothers, vast of believers and the honorary military unit,  welcomed the Patriarch Elected at the entrance of the monastery complex.

Metropolitan Cyril, elected and named Patriarch of Moscow and the all Russia, served the Prayer Service and bowed to the relics of Saint Tikhon in the chatedral of Donski monastery.

After the Holy service, the elected Patriarch poke to the delegates of the General Assembly, hierarchs, priests, monks and faithful, and to the Moscow clergy and laity, saying:

“On the eve of the day of enthronment we have visited the Donski Monastery in Moscow, where the relics of Saint and Confessor Tikhon are placed. Bowing the knees of our heart and soul to his holy tomb, we remember the accomplishment of our Confessor and Saint, who teaches us about the holy service, or rather the service of a Head, which characterises with respect, love, compassion, support, the outside signs of particular respect, but not essentially connected to the outside signs of glory…

Saint Tikhon, who was elected after 200 years pause of Patriarchy service, was not only a Head of Church representing the centre of the power of Church, but also expressing the aspirations of the Russian Church…. However, in a short period time he found himself on the list of various pursuers and blasphemers of Church and God’s Name. He was not only the Head of the Church, but also its heart, and the blows of the hunters and blasphemers were directed exactly at this heart. It is hard even to imagine about his accomplishment of confession. Here, where we today are together, is the place of his effort. Here, Saint Tikhon, braced by just a small number of like-minded people who were here to support him, and to that faithful people, to whom the entrance in Donski Monastery was something that was strictly forbidden, practically received all those blows of the atheistic authority, alone. In the Prayer that we serviced now, we pray to Saint Tikhon to help us acquire the patience he has had….

In the basis of the patience, which we respect as a Christian virtue, not a man’s power nor a power of man’s intellect or man’s thought is placed. In the basis of the Christian patience, the deep faith in God, and Devotion to God is placed. And, when we surrender in the hands of God without reserve, when we devote ourselves to God not calculating about what will happen to us, then our God gives us strength to over-pass the hostility and the human malice, the traps of the daily life and the direct shots of our enemies to our hearts, humiliation or any other concern…

Towards the prayers of Saint Tikhon, the Whole Russian Patriarch, let God help the Bishops of our Church to strengthen their patience, putting the foundation of our life in the Will of God. Let the clergy and the people stick together with those who are here for apostolic serving to God. If the whole Church and the peoples of our countries live by the will of God, surrendering all to His right hand, we do believe that God will never leave us hopeless. Amen.”

As an award for his work and in the occasion of his 60 years age, the Archbishop of Tuljcinsk and Braclav Jonathan, handed a medal of the 2nd degree (order) of the equal to apostles Prince Vladimir.