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A Day of the Orthodox Youth will be celebrated in Moscow ( 06.02.2009 )

A day of the Orthodox Youth will be celebrated in Moscow at the day of 15th of February.

Moscow young people traditionally celebrate The Day of the Orthodox Youth at the feast of the Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple. The Festivities will be organised under supervision of the Commission for Youth of the Eparchy Council of the City of Moscow, in the frame of the program called “The Orthodox Youth of Moscow – 2009.”

At 5.00 PM on February 15th, in the “Mirror Hall” in Moscow, will meet youngsters from the Moscow Orthodox Organisations as: “Meeting of Lord in the Temple”, “Young Russia”, “Georgievci”, “The Bell” and some others, accompanied by students, as well. Stands for exhibition about the activity of the social service of the Orthodox Youth will be placed in the “Mirror Hall.”

The Moscow Vicar Bishop of Bronic Teophylactus will speak to the youngsters, together with the representatives of the President’s Administration, from some Ministries of the Russian Federation and some of the Russian State organs.

Vocal singing and theatre performances, prepared by the orthodox youth organisations will be performed on the stage. The Chorus in Spiritual chant of the church of St. Martyr Tatiana, the atelier “Iridan”, and the Theatre “Live Water” will take presence on the stage, too. Russian folk dances and songs, and classical ones are included in the celebration program, as well.  


Source: Патриархиа.ру