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Young people to remind the Christian sense of Love at Valentine’s Day – calls in the Russian Church ( 14.02.2009 )

“The starting point is to be that every habit could be used in missionary purposes. So, the so called Valentine’s day is not an exclusion” – stated the secretary of the Foreign Church affairs of Moscow Patriarchy, priest Mihail Dudko to Interfax press agency.

He noticed that some details, which are practiced in this day’s celebration “couldn’t be found in the Orthodox geography.”

We know that there are several saints with such name, but where from the tradition to claim love among us came, as it is practicing now, we cannot say solemnly, because there is nothing in the Orthodox hagiographies, that would point to be associated with such tradition.”

“But, as the world is giving us the opportunity to discuss seriously about love as the most important Christian inheritance, it would be a pity not to use this motive” – underlined the priest, adding that in the vast schools and faculties in the country, the celebration of Valentine’s Day becomes “almost a kind of a ritual.”

Regarding to this, Father Michael advises the parents who’s children are preparing to celebrate the Valentine’s Day, “and this is happening often nowadays,” to discuss with them about the various meanings of the word love, but first the Christian Love.    

“To discuss about what kind of love between man and wife is blessed by the Church, and how high pedestal it takes in the Church’s life. And opposite, they have to talk about the things that are imposed to us from the contemporary unreligious society, and such things are called love.”

According to priest Mihael’s words, in such a way, the celebrating of Valentine’s Day may become a good basement in children’s education, and helps them to understand the real meaning of love better. 


Source: Интерфакс