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A Russian physician measures the еlectric charge at the occurrence of the Holy Fire on Holy Saturday, for the first time in human history ( 17.02.2009 )

The results of the scientific experiment, which took place on Holy Saturday in 2008 in the church of the Holy Tomb of the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, have been announced on the conference “Science and Christianity” of the XVII Christmas educational readings in Moscow, last Tuesday.


The director of the sector of the Nuclear Energy Institute “Kurchatov”, candidate of physical-mathematical science Andrei Volkov, spoke about his attempt to measure the low-frequency long-wave radio signals appearing at the Jerusalem church of the Holy Tomb of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the time of occurrence of the Holy Fire, which is happening every year at Holy Saturday.      


Using a special scientific equipment, the scientist have performed several measuring in the church, while in the period of 6.5 hours waiting the occurrence of the Holy Fire, and in the next months he worked at the decoding of such measuring.

Andrei Volkov considers as an ”absolute miracle”  the difference in indexes measured at the day of the Holy Fire occurrence and those from the day before. Beside this, according to his words, “the analyses of the fissures on the pillars of the temple just before the occurrence of the Holy Fire in the temple, indeed leads to the conclusion that such fissures could appear only as a result of the effect of electric charge.”


His colleague Evgeniy Morozov, who is the most famous specialist in the world in mechanics discusses the same matter, as well.


Declaring that “from the scientific point of view, the only one measuring made, can’t prove anything credible yet”, Andrei Volkov in the same time stated that is ready to take the full responsibility for the results obtained, and his readiness to publish them.


“Anyway, if you ask me for a scientific answer was it or was it not a miracle I will certainly tell you – I don’t know” – added Mr. Volkov.    


Professor of the Moscow Russian Orthodox University “St. John the Theologian” Alexander Moskovskiy, who was some time deputy president of the Commission for studying miraculous phenomena stated that Andrei Volkov “has made a scientific accomplishment, performing the first serious, credible and responsible scientific measuring of the Holy Fire, in the whole history.”


The Holy Fire occurs since centuries, in the Eve of the Orthodox Easter in the temple of the Holy Tomb of the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Orthodox Christians are persuaded that the miracle of the Holy Fire convincingly witnesses the credibility of the Orthodox Religion, moreover, taking the fact that in the whole history of the Church, neither one feast of Resurrection have passed without the Holy Fire appearance. The occurrence of the Holy Fire itself, denies any atheistic standpoint – consider the Orthodox believers.  


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