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Serbian TV centres cleaned of fortune-tellers, witch doctors, astrologers ( 26.02.2009 )

The so-called fortune-tellers, all kind of so-called magicians, and fake healers have to leave the TV screens in Serbia by the end of this week. This is the Official decision of the State Broadcasting Agency. 

The 80 cable TV operators were warned that they will be obliged to disconnect all the TV channels where the above mentioned fortune-tellers promise false help misusing the confidence of the public, making money on such activities. It’s in a fact a financial misuse, a certain kind of financial doers, earning profits by machinations with the spectators.    

The law that has been brought by the Serbian Broadcasting Agency, forbids broadcasting of programs in which the above mentioned cheaters are manipulating with the mental weaknesses of people, the people confidence, lack of information and inexperience. There are eight TV channels in Serbia in the moment, which suggest solutions for any kind of marital and love problems, magical powers, and “miraculous” medicaments for the hardest diseases, astrological prognoses, and playing-cards sorcerers.   


Извор: Дверибг.нет, Републичка Радиодифузна агенција