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Monastic tonsure of 18 novices from the Diveevo Monastery in Russia ( 21.03.2009 )

Yesterday, at March 20th, the Archbishop of Nizegorod and Arzamask George, served a Liturgy of Previously Sanctified gifts in the temple of the Moscow Saints, in the Metoh of the Diveevo Monastery.


Before this Liturgy, the Archbishop tonsured 18 novices from this sisterhood. This was by quantity the biggest monastic tonsure in the Diveevo Monastery lately.

To those who were tonsured, Archbishop wished to keep the purity that they’ve received, through the rest of their life. He congratulated this bright and happy day to the nuns, reminding them to the major commandment: You shall love the Lоrd, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

“Obedience is the anchor of the salvation of monk, in the wavy sea of life”, said the Archbishop.

“Among people sometimes appear two extremes: they are the ones who don’t care about their salvation, and those who are zealous not according to mind staying desperate because of the conviction that they won’t be saved. To the Great Protecotr, but firstly Intercessor of sinners in front of God, Holy Mother of God, we must resort to, in every misfortune and perplexity.”    





Source: ННЕ.ру