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The meeting between President Barak Obama and the Patriarch of Constantinople appears to be delayed ( 01.04.2009 )

According to several information sources, the previously planned visit of President Obama to the Patriarchate of Constantinople for April the 7th, was excluded from the official schedule of Obama’s visits in Istanbul.

It was supposed that such decision has been brought under the pressure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, which was trying to disable the personal meeting of President Obama with Patriarch Bartholomew (it is still possible that the Patriarch, accompanied with some other religious leaders from Turkey, to visit Mr. Obama in his department).

Archbishop Demetrius, who administers the Greek Orthodox Diocese of America (The Patriarchate of Constantinople) already expressed his great discontent. A letter with 60 signatures of members of the USA Congress, which they plan to submit to the White House, has been prepared in this occasion.

According to the Romfea News Agency, the decision of President Barak Obama not to meet Patriarch Bartholomew, is a “new blow” for Greece and the Patriarchy of Constantinople.   

Source: Патриархиа.ру, Ромфеа